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What are the types of exhibition stands-2

Exhibition stand builders apply the architectural skills, which consists of sciences such as aesthetics, psychology, geometry, statics, economics, etc. Booth builders combine these sciences with creative mindsets and years of experience to bring your spaces closer to your dreams.

Knowing the types of exhibition stands based on the type of structure and booth design and construction methods is an important issue that will help Exhibition stand contractor a lot for making decision to choose the booth type. In this article, we introduce the types of exhibition stands and booths to attend in the exhibition and also describe some methods of tradeshow booth building.


Classification of stands based on the type of structure:

In general, exhibition booth building is divided into three general categories based on the type of structure: Space frame stands, and special modular stands, which are described below:

●      Booth building using space frames

Booth building using space frame structures is another type of exhibition stand construction, which is divided into two categories: internal and external.

In the design and implementation of the space frame style, a uniform and general pattern is used and the structure is regularly placed next to each other. Space frame style exhibition booth implementation is used when there is no permission to build a wooden booth due to space limitations in an exhibition environment, so the design and implementation of an exhibition booth uses space frame structure and style. In the process of designing and implementing an exhibition stand with space frame material, space brackets are implemented by combining a large number of geometric shapes together. In fact, in the stage of the exhibition stand, they create metal scaffolding with different alloys to bring the force and weight to the ground in a balanced way to provide strength and security. The design of exhibition booths is done with the space frame method both internally and externally.

●      Modular booth building

In modular booth building, prefabricated parts that are the same or very similar are generally used, and these parts are designed, built and then assembled in a prefabricated way. In terms of resistance and strength, it is necessary to know that the endurance and stability of this type of stand is very high.

Aluminum profiles and parts with similar materials in different dimensions are used in the construction of modular booths. In this type of stand construction, you can use different lightbox panels, printing, plexiglass, etc. to make the booth more beautiful. Modular booth building is also divided into two categories: special modular booth building and hall modular booth building which have their own application and characteristics.

Special modular booth building:

Booth building in a special modular way is used for creating different spaces and creating decorative and display elements in small-sized booths. The small booths are non-uniform and have a very high variety. In booths with large dimensions and structures, most parts of the booth, such as product sections, table, body, samples of the company’s products, etc., can be used for special modular booth building with reasonable and optimal costs.

Hall modular booth building:

In the hall modular booth building method, the booths are designed and built in the same way in order to accommodate the participants. It should be noted that these types of booths are built on the order of the exhibition organizing company, which have an independent space and facilities to provide services to visitors.


●      Linear exhibition stands

In exhibition booth design, the booths that are in contact with the audience from one side are called linear booths. Basically, the booths that are adjacent to other booths from the left and right sides and lead to the wall of the exhibition area from the back, choose this design style for the design of the exhibition booth.

Usually, the institutions that choose linear booths for their design are more looking to strengthen and focus the visitors to the walls of their booth, so as to invite the audience to enter the booth to visit their products and services.


●      Corner exhibition stands – Best exhibition stand design

The design style of corner stands is suitable for booths that have walls on both sides; These walls can be formed by being adjacent to other booths or the dividing wall of the exhibition hall. In general, what is important in designing a booth in a corner style is the openness of the booth from two directions, which provides the potential of corner design.

In the design and placement of exhibition booths, this type of booth is very popular and they are the best exhibition stand design because it establishes eye contact with the booth in two angles and makes possible different ideas for the design of interior decoration in the booth.


●      Island exhibition stands

Island booths have access to the corridors of visiting hall from all four sides and can be seen and referred from all angles. They are one of the best exhibition stand design. Island booths or block booths in the design of exhibition booths have a very high quality and acceptability and have countless fans. The most important reason for choosing these booths for the design of an exhibition booth is the possibility of visitors entering and leaving these booths from all sides, which increases the chances of the booth owner communicating with visitors.

It should be noted that in designing an exhibition stand, regardless of the size of the stand, the possibility of partitioning and creating diversity in island stands will be easier and more attractive. And finally, the limitation of the number of such booths in an exhibition hall increases the price and attractiveness of island booths in exhibitions.


●      Maxima exhibition stands

Among the advantages of the Maxima style in the implementation of the exhibition booth, we can mention the multi-purpose capability and the possibility of building in large dimensions. In fact, due to the type of material and special design in the field of design and implementation of exhibition booths with Maxima style and material, its overall structure will be able to be used multiple times.

In general, the diversity in design in this style is very high and it is possible to design and implement various walls and ceilings and attractive elements. Since the design and implementation of the exhibition booth with Maxima material can be implemented with any dimensions and sizes, it is mostly used for car exhibitions. In addition to these items, suitable infrastructure for lighting in the design and execution of the Maxima style exhibition stand is significant. Easy carrying and convenient installation and operation, as well as being harmless to the environment, are other advantages of designing and implementing an exhibition stand with Maxima material.


●      Design and build of the booth with aluminum panel

One of the most popular materials used for the design and building of the exhibition stand is aluminum panel or prefabricated aluminum walls. This material is mostly used in booths that require a completely separate space for signing a contract or for a specialized visit to the product.

Among the advantages of choosing aluminum panel in the design and implementation of the exhibition booth, we can point out its lightness and easy portability, and the ability to use it multiple times and flexibility in the implementation of various designs of the exhibition booth. Of course, the possibility of double-sided printing of advertisements on aluminum panels is a unique feature of this material for the design and implementation of exhibition stands. The high speed of setting up aluminum panels, in addition to the need for a lot of labor, is one of the advantages of aluminum panels for the design and implementation of exhibition stands, which results in lower costs in terms of implementation costs.

Based on the shape and type of division of the exhibition booths, the exhibition stands are divided into several categories. In fact, when designing the exhibition booth according to the scheme that is presented by the exhibition organizers to the participating institutions, points are specified as the place to set up the booth. And based on the arrangement form and space division, the titles and type of the exhibition stand are named. It should be noted that in addition to the location of the exhibition booth, we choose the type of goods or services introduced in the booth during the design of the exhibition booth.

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