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What are custom exhibition stands

As someone who is thinking of setting up a booth, what information do you have about booth building materials? Do you know the difference between modular stands and custom exhibition stands? Surely you know that participating in various exhibitions helps business owners a lot to boost the sales of their products or services. Therefore, choosing the right stand using basic booth building materials that are provided in the dignity of business or services is considered a positive point in the direction of promoting the development and progress of your business.


What is a custom exhibition stand?

Custom trade show booths are those that are primarily made of wood, MDF, or flexible and fully adjustable materials. Among the main features of these booths, is the possibility to build almost any idea, mainly due to the fact that a total conversion of raw materials is done to become a large project. Among the main materials involved in custom exhibition stands are (other than those listed above) paint (which can be varnish or vinyl), ironwork, fabrics, tempered glass as a facade, altered acrylics, as well as a variety of textures or pantone colors is visible.

Within custom trade show booths are usually concept booths that are highly themed and highly creative, but the use of this trade show resource is directly related to branding.

With a custom stand, there is a greater sense of authenticity and exclusivity, in large part because each space is purpose-built. Custom stands require more investment than system stands due to specialized labor, more technology, and tooling required.


How is a custom exhibition stand assembled?

In order to successfully execute the assembly of a custom exhibition stand, it is necessary to have lots of experiences in this field, because it is almost an industrial process that depends on skilled labor, the ability to carry tools and materials, know their behavior, their resistance. And restrictions are usually required in various trades such as: carpenter, blacksmith, acrylic maker, electrician, plumber (in some cases) and more specific trades depending on the project.

Success with custom booths depends on training, tools, experience, and the ability to distinguish between what is possible and what is unlikely. Because as proposed designs do not consider manufacturing aspects and incur unnecessary risks.


Custom stand is better or prefabricated (modular) stands?

What is the Best exhibition stand design? You, as someone who wants to set up a stand in a domestic or foreign exhibition to present your product or service; you should know that it is better to set up a custom stand or a modular one?!

In general, modular stands require lower costs for construction, installation and operation. They are usually very easy to implement. They are very compatible with the environment and do not harm the cleanliness of the air. But unfortunately, the employer faces limitations in the implementation and material of the booth construction.

Custom booths are designed and manufactured according to the type of product or service you offer to consumers. In fact, your taste and desire play an important role in implementing a customized booth. Therefore, this method is a very suitable platform for your advertising and easily matches the atmosphere of the exhibition.

The effects of customized exhibition stands in the way of introducing products and services are one of the most important points, and do you intend to find innovative techniques on how to introduce your products and services in world exhibitions?

Maybe you wish to prove the importance and competitive abilities of your company in your business market? So you should look for innovative and attractive ways to introduce your goods and services in your business market, so that you can always be at the top of your business.


Creating custom exhibition stand designs

Creating a custom exhibition stand design is a practical and beneficial way to ensure an exhibitor has a basic understanding of their subject matter.

First, the companies that make booths provide a wider range of prospective customers to the companies. Secondly, it allows you to prove that your business belongs to the industry because of the great impact it can make. Most importantly, it allows you to see what path you are taking and whether or not you are on the way to your work progress?!


The effects of custom exhibition stands

Designing a customized exhibition booth is not only to attract more customers and make them interested, but in addition, it makes your business plan and services stick in the minds of customers and become your customers in the future.

After that, creating a custom exhibition stand design is a fantastic idea, because it allows you to prove that your business has integrity and importance. You can earn people’s trust by proving yourself in your industry.

The bottom line of creating a custom exhibition stand is that it allows you to see the obstacles at work and compare this to the obstacles of a business. It allows you to see which way to go. It is effective to find solutions to solve the problem you want to face and succeed in your business in the best way.


Important strategies that can be used

Participate in the main exhibitions related to your business and display your concepts and keywords.

While joining a trade show and managing a exhibition stand is not easy, doing so can certainly yield significant results in promoting your product or service.


Custom stand construction

A well-designed custom exhibition stand combined with a carefully planned business strategy can improve four main business areas simultaneously. It can change business marketing to a smart and profitable investment.


Tips on building an exhibition stand with a suitable design

The first question that arises for exhibitors is to find innovative, attractive, intelligent, highly efficient solutions designed to increase brand recognition and awareness at the exhibition for this highly competitive market.

Another point is that due to the excessive importance of advertising in today’s world, not only the activity in the exhibition will cause your immediate progress, but it will also make you stay in people’s minds and become your customers in the future.

How to order an exhibition stand?

To order a better exhibition stand, first look for a reliable and experienced Trade show booth design company, so that you can order the best and most attractive exhibition booth by consulting its expert exhibition stand builders.

You definitely know that your booth is for you to be seen as well as possible and to achieve your goal of attending the exhibition, so consider attractiveness, innovation, specialness and modernity in your booth design as much as you can.

In the next step, to order an exhibition stand, you need to know the information about the stand you want, for example: first you need to know what is your goal in creating an exhibition stand? What is your preferred style? For example, modern, classic, industrial, etc. In addition, know how much land you have rented in the exhibition for your booth. You should also know the permissible height of the booth. In the next step, you should send the exhibition stand order form to the company of your choice, and by providing the company with the information of your desired stand; you can get help from experienced consultants and prepare an attractive and suitable stand. It should be mentioned that you must plan for it a few months before the time of the exhibition and order an exhibition booth so that you don’t have to take delivery of an inappropriate booth at the ninety minute and all your expenses will be wasted.

The stages of ordering an exhibition booth in brief include: sending the order form, starting the design, reviewing and approving the design, signing the contract, technical drawing of the booth, designing promotional gifts, implementing booth construction and booth decoration.



Custom exhibition stands are a smart and affordable choice. In addition to building an attractive exhibition stand, choose the right employees to represent your company.

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